How to use the FTP feature to update your Website (Advanced Users Only)

These instructions are for the XP version but the Win98/ME version is very similar. This feature is intended for people with knowledge of creating web pages and FTP. It is not intended as a quick fix for people without this knowledge. If you lack this knowledge then please use Google to find a suitable tutorial on how to create a web page and how to use FTP

Before beginning:

Make sure that your camera works properly with hssvss. Make sure you have created a firewall rule for hssvss so that it is able to upload the images.

Step 1.

Open the Set-up panel and select Auto start for the camera you wish to use for your websiteSelect Auto Start Cam1 and/or Auto Start Cam 2If you are using the XP version click "Place on Task Bar"Select Start motion if you wish to use motion detectionSelect Start timer if you wish to use the timer

Step 2.

Open the FTP clientEnter your server, user name and password and click save, these settings are saved on your hard drive they are encrypted and are not used for any other purpose.Select the Image Exports tag, and select one of 3 options, Export All, Recycle, or Export As.

EXPORT ALL exports all images using the JPEG file name as found in the log window. This is based on your PC name so that more than one computer is able to use the same remote folder without over writing images.

RECYCLE ALL exports the number of maximum images as entered in the maximum images text box. This limits the number of images appearing on the remote server, when a new image is saved it overwrites the old one.

The names are based on the Export AS name and work as follows[cam name][5 digitcounter].jpg Examples images 1 to 3 will have the following names netcam100001.jpg netcam100002.jpg netcam100003.jpg

These image names will be recycled and will represent the most recent images

EXPORT AS This uploads a single image and this is continually over written. The default name is netcam1 and netcam2. The image is uploaded as netcam1.jpg and netcam2.jpg. You can also set your own name. Do not add the file extension it is not needed.

CREATE IMAGELOG.HTM Select this option to let hssvss create a web page for you. The page is based on the settings selected. So if you select the Recycle feature the number of images in maximum images will appear on the web page and these will be updated automatically.

To create your own web page Create a web page as you normal.Use the naming convention for the option you selected. To get going quickly just use netcam1.jpg or netcam2.jpg Another hint is to start by using the imagelog.htm option and view this page for testing making sure you understand the naming conventions.Then write your own page based on the image names found on that page. If you use the view source feature in your web browser you will be able to see the names of the images and how they are normally called.

Note: Please don't try to crash HSSVSS by making it upload faster than your connection will handle! To stop this HSVSS has been deliberated made to work with a maximum of one image every ten seconds. This is to insure it works properly depending on your Internet connection speed. It will work on a dial-up connection but it is recommended that this feature is only used with broadband connections.

PLUS Since HSSVSS is free please place a link back to www.hssvss.comAND if you find a problem with HSSVSS please please please report it!And thank you very much :)